Novodor® is a biological insecticide containing the naturally occurring microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies tenebrionis (Btt). With a distinct toxin protein and unique mode of action, Novodor provides excellent control of larvae of selected coleopteran pests, including the Colorado Potato Beetle (CPB). Left unchecked, CPB is a highly destructive insect that can cause significant foliar damage to potato, tomato, and eggplant crops. Novodor also offers effective control of Elm Leaf Beetle larvae on ornamentals and shade trees.

With low toxicity to non-target organisms, Novodor maintains beneficial insect populations such as pollinators, insect predators, and parasites for enhanced pest control.
It is also not harmful to humans, birds, fish, or other wildlife.

Novodor is a natural insecticide used in both organic and conventional agriculture. Like other Bt products, it is commonly used in insecticide resistance management programs in combination with conventional insecticides as well as other biological products. 

Novodor Efficacy 1-4 instarsNovodor provides excellent biological control of CPB. As the size of the pest increases at later instars, higher rates of Novodor provide better results
Bt tenbrionisBtt protein toxin crystals under electron mircroscopy.